Somewhere, in some corner,

A pain, crawls, creeps, twists

Slowly, s l o w l y,

Becomes unbearable

Not strife, not grief,

Only pain

The disturbed mind

Searches, across space and time

For solace

A heap of copper plates

All Annamayya’s songs engraved

Lullabies and cradle songs

Suddenly wake up

A glow in the eyes offers balm

The tune relieves the pain.

Wingless song flies

Pierces life cells

Cures pain.

Get me elixir of life

Relieving all pain

Stand elevated to joy

Strengthen the bird-

I want to stay tuned.


“In Professor Sundaram’s poems I discovered a fascinating mixture of instinct and imagination, which perhaps have their origin in some sort of subjective eccentricity. It was a pleasure going through his poems. He is the medium very effectively to create an atmosphere of non-reality characterized by undiluted integrity of human experience” – Prabhat Kumar

“RVS’s hands are already full as he straddles two major cultures of South India. His waking hours are consumed by innumerable tasks of translating ‘from and to’ both languages, which responsibility he has been carrying on as a labour of love. His indefatigable service to the cause of our languages has earned him tremendous goodwill and today I am happy to record, that he is looked up to by aspiring scholars for help and guidance” – Professor C. Naganna